It's The Picture, Stupid!

History is something like a puzzle. Unless we can figure out how to fit the pieces together, it make no sense. With Washington’s latest game of brinkmanship, seems we still haven’t learned the real secret to working this puzzle. And yet the secret is all right there on the cover to the box. It’s the pretty picture, stupid….!

That picture is what this democracy thing is supposed to look like once we’ve all finally put all the crazy pieces together. Don’t know about you. Or about Congress. But here’s how I see this picture. I see a scene made up of all kinds of different minorities (our many feuding political, racial, financial interests) somehow fitting together to make a pretty good looking majority (you know, the way we all look together cheering a Fourth of July celebration). Don’t laugh, because the picture has happened before. And it can happen again.

But here’s the lesson we keep forgetting. In the game of puzzles, the manufacturer has designed the jagged pieces to eventually fit. In the game of democracy, WE’RE the manufacturer. Which means, sometimes we have to shave or bend our particular little piece in order to make everything fit. Fit into that pretty picture we all want.

Now, players, was that so hard to figure out…??

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