It's The Parents Not The Plans, Stupid

New school year, new set of problems. However, their best solutions are not better plans but better parents….!

Twenty-five years as an administrator in the New Trier schools made this documentably clear. A school can have a spectacular campus, spectacular curricula, even spectacular teachers, but without supportive parents back home, don’t look for any spectacular results. With no disrespect to my former colleagues, but they have an edge going into every school year: Parents at home who really care what’s happening to their kids at school.

It’s not their fine houses or incomes, it’s how they invest in their kids even before they reach us. The security of a good family and the stimulus of local community opportunities add up to kids who actually find school worthwhile.

So, yes, lets have better gang control, better classroom equipment, and better teachers. But most of all, lets have some better parents. Rich or poor, white or black, educated or not — just downright better about being a parent!

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