If It Bleeds Maybe It Doesn't Have To Lead

The daily newspaper endures even in this digital age! Why? Because it offers a wide-lens view of the news rather than the single-lens view bellowed from today’s blogosphere. Most bloggers can’t, don’t, and won’t.

But there’s still a problem. The way newspaper editors allot their space. Everyone knows if-it-bleeds-it-leads. OK, no use arguing with human nature. Still, there was still a lot to smile about in this week’s back pages.

While the market was taking another nosedive, a bright local talent (Jessie Mueller) is about to hit the heights co-starring on Broadway this fall with Harry Connick Jr…while the critics were mauling the President for having an expensive birthday bash in town, the voters still remember his election night here when he made another American Dream actually come true….while the reports from the neighborhoods continue to feature teen murders, even more teens were proudly getting ready for the college education that was once only a wish…even the deaths in your obituaries include little known facts about these lives that can still make you believe life is worth living.

So, Mr Editor, bring it on. The bad, the bold, and especially the beautiful….!

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