Breasts For Everyone

There’s a story to the story of the gatecrashers at Chicago’s splashy downtown Lollapalooza. It has to do with the thousands — no millions — of outsiders who always want to get in on a good thing. Their yearning simmers in our cities, in our nation, in scores of other nations. These are the poor the Bible says “will always be with us.”

Lately, though, the poor can more easily see the world’s tantalizing Lollapaloozas. In movies, on television, right there on their smartphones. They see the wealth, the power, the jobs, the yachts. Why should only 10% of the world enjoy 90% of the Lollapaloozas?

When critics protest what they call redistributing-the-wealth plans, what they’re really saying is what that 10% have always said through the centuries: “What’s mine is mine. I earned it. You didn’t.” And so they build all kinds of gates. Trouble is, gates aren’t forever. The poor are. So, now what?

Here’s a start…

The world’s richest nations are in trouble. Ironically, because their richest members helped create this by trying to get even richer (see the current Wall Street Recession for details). So what do they do, through their lobbyists and PR spokespeople? Well, they point fingers at handy targets to blame. No surprise, the targets are the poor the rich insist are “draining the budget.” You know, those selfish cops, teachers, firefighters, pensioners, and old folks!

But here’s a dirty little secret. Virtually all of us are “draining the budget.” Do you claim a home-mortage-interest-deduction…? Enrolled in an employer-based-health-insurance program…? Own a tax-free retirement account…? Cash in on corporate tax breaks…? These four subsides alone make up half America’s social welfare spending.

Listen up, fellow drainers. The problem isn’t always the government. It’s everyone suckling at the great government breast insisting their share is the one to save. The rest of you…? Hey, stop trying to crowd in…!

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  • I thought, from the headline, that it was cleavage on 51% for the other 49% to view.

    Or at least Col. Sanders.

  • In reply to jack:

    Actually, I think we're ALL into this cleavage. Only we usually claim it's only "the other guy!"

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