Afraid? Damn Right You Are!

Lots of fear in the world today. And with good reason. For instance, Tea Party members are so afraid of the rising national debt, they’re proposing we slash half the alphabet. Closer to home, Chicagoans watching summer come to an end are facing their own very particular fears:

Kids are facing teachers who their parents have been complaining are over-paid…citizens are facing cops and firefighters whose pride and pensions have been questioned….local banks are facing customers wondering if their bankers are secretly part of those Wall Street bonanzas…street & sanitation crews are facing a winter which, if as wild as the summer, will mean there not enough salt even if they start trucking it in straight from the mines ….folks in downtown limos will be facing gauntlets of angry out-of-work citizens…oh, and politicians will be facing voters who can’t wait for 2012 to vote No to everything and everyone they can find.

The only good thing on the horizon is the new NFL season. Once the games start, everybody in everywhere can simply take out all their pent-up fear and frustration on whoever’s playing quarterback! Hey, isn’t that what quarterbacks are for….? Oh, and presidents too…!

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