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Rantings from a baby boomer on the edge!

            This can’t be happening to me. Who did I piss off so much that they willed this malady on me? Why wasn’t there a notice or choice of some kind? How am I supposed to handle this? Should I tell other people or keep it bottled up inside? Is... Read more »

Focus on What's Really Important in Life!

You know how life situations hit you when you least expect it and you’re caught off guard?  Well that’s how my July 4th weekend started out.  I never expected to have the following conversation: “Your MRI shows a lesion on your brain.  It’s located in the speech center and it’s about the size of dime. ... Read more »

Career Reinvention Tips - 25 Action Items That Really Work

  For those of us in the midst of a life or career reinvention, trail tips are always welcome.  Learning from other’s experiences helps make our changes a little easier.  Knowing that other professionals have survived career and life reinventions provides us with hope that we can move through major changes and be successful.  Here... Read more »

Boomers: "We're not dead yet!" (Monty Python is alive & well)

Our generation is the first to look “aging” directly in the eye and say “no way”!  Many of us feel as much as 15 years younger than we really are.  The fallacy of youth could be draining of us of joy and spirit.  Personally, I’m all for flattering lighting and photo touching for headshots.  I’m... Read more »

Boomers: What is our legacy?

    Legacy is important for every generation.  It’s important because it gives meaning to what it’s members valued and contributed to the whole of humanity.  As more of the Boomer generation enters their sixties, legacy starts to become more real than ever before.  Exactly what do we want our legacy to be?  How to... Read more »

What Baby Boomers Want

                First of all, you should know I have appointed myself an unofficial spokesperson for my generation:  baby boomers.  You know us…we’re that group of people who invented conspicuous consumption, won’t listen to anything about aging, hates getting aarp stuff at age 50.  We’re continuously changing the rules... Read more »

Bad business karma is a bitch - here's why

Lying, cheating and backstabbing are really crummy things that happen every day in the business world.   This behavior is destructive and costly.  And it’s rampant.  People think they can get away with deception and they can for a while.  However, there’s this little thing called “karma” that kicks in and changes the game.  Karma says... Read more »

Mom's are's why...

  I was cleaning out a shelf in our basement today and noticed a picture of my Mom when she was very young.  She and her sister Kate were standing on a tree-lined street somewhere in central Nebraska.  It’s a black and white photo.  Mom has on a jumper, white socks and saddle shoes.  My... Read more »

Take Back Your Health...NOW!

I’m very serious about taking back my health.  Something happens to us when we reach a certain age and gravity it’s our friend anymore.  If you’re like me you face challenges head-on.  So when I began noticing unwanted droops and mental lapses I went into “mission” mode. After consulting with my doctor, I’ve decided to... Read more »

The Sexy Business Attitude in Chicago

I’ve lived in a boatload of cities:  Omaha, Houston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Cincinnati and now Chicago.  I can tell you with great authority and experience that Chicago has by far THE sexiest business attitude of all of them….I didn’t say “sexist”. I said “sexiest”.  It’s edgy, innovative, strong, determined, community oriented, and last but not... Read more »