Bad business karma is a bitch - here's why


Lying, cheating and backstabbing are really crummy things that happen every day in the business world.   This behavior is destructive and costly.  And it’s rampant.  People think they can get away with deception and they can for a while.  However, there’s this little thing called “karma” that kicks in and changes the game.  Karma says that “what goes around comes around”…..the way you treat others will come back to you…either positively or negatively.

Treating people badly is bad business.  Word gets around about how we conduct ourselves in business transactions.  Eventually a bad reputation catches up with us.  Even if we’re brilliant dealmakers and make boatloads of money, cheating and lying is really hard work because it’s hard to remember what we’ve told various people.  The energy is takes keeping all the stories straight takes away from being the very best we can be.

Bad karma follows us around like a black cloud.  It attracts negative energy and corrupts the spirit.  It makes your teeth fall out and your hair turn blue.  Bad karma has been known to lead to really bad spelling and outbursts of loud hiccups.  It has been associated with poor posture and post-nasal drip.  Negative karma has been linked to horrendous grammar and face twitching.

The message is…follow the golden rule.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Be honest and truthful in your business dealings….you’re smart, professional and good at what you do…you don’t need bad karma to ruin all that for you.

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