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Once upon a time, there were a large number of babies that were born between 1946 and 1964 in the US.  I was one of those babies.  I was born in 1949.  This group is known as the baby boomers.  There are 76 million people in the boomer generation.  We were kids when President Kennedy was killed and that is “the” moment in history for most of us.  We stopped a war we didn’t want to fight.  We brought about change because “the times they were a changing”.  We made love not war and we cried, “the whole world is watching.”  We didn’t trust anyone over 40 and we wanted “strawberry fields forever.” We burned draft cards and bras.  We grew our hair and picketed for civil rights and peace on earth.  We got stoned, lived in buses, flipped off authority….and then….we graduated from college; got jobs;  built corporate America; had kids; bought 8 of everything we could get our hands on and then….fast forward forty years and we woke up one day to find that we are in our 60’s.  We are now grandparents and expected to retire and live the good life like our parents……

A reality check reveals that this fairytale ending the rest of society has planned for us isn’t going well.  Boomers have decided that we really don’t want or can’t retire when we’re 65.  We’ve also decided that the aging process that applied to our parents doesn’t apply to us.  We will not be called seniors, mature, old or advanced in age.  As Monty Pylon said “we’re not dead yet!”.  One of the many assets boomers have in their favor is the ability to be cool, calm and able to take the lead and to be inventive.

What are we leading and where are we going?  We are leading a marketplace reinvention that changes the job market for everyone.  We will offer our expertise and knowledge for short-term projects.  It’s supply and demand at it’s best!  More than ever companies are focused on their bottom line….headcount impacts the bottom line more than any other cost.  The “swat team” approach is just the ticket for special projects such as business intelligence, audits, new product roll outs etc.  This process will be laid out in the next article in this series.

Baby boomers are taking the lead to bring the generations together to learn from each other.  Boomers want to contribute to the total economic good for everyone.  We know what happens when society splits apart and there are “haves” and “have not’s”.  Boomers value education and opportunity for all.  We’re tolerant, forward thinking and inclusive of all.  We want to be mentors and help the generations following us take the lead as well.  We are very willing to share….there’s plenty of sand in the sandbox!





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