Smile, You're on InterviewTube!

The future is here.  In the world of the job search, those who can interview well via Skye are winning the job game.  Job seekers who create a concise, interesting and entertaining video have a distinct advantage over paper only candidates.  Sites like HRtechblog ( and news outlets like Wall Street Journal ( have been educating us about the ramifications of the video interview.  The bottom line is that you better nail is because “you’re on”.  In attempts to save money and time, more companies start the interview process with a phone interview and if you make the cut, ask for a presentation video or schedule a live video interview.

I’ve been preaching to anyone who’ll listen, that the days of resumes, cover letters and handbills are long gone.  Employers want to see how you “perform”….meaning they want to view your communication expertise as well as your specific job skills.  YOU are the product and you better be packaged like a pro.  You can create a short 45 second video and load it to YouTube and LinkedIn.  You can also use a professional to create a video for you – here’s one I had done –

The key to a successful video is clarity and confidence.   Show your audience how talented you are and that you can confidently deliver!


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