Rantings from a baby boomer on the edge!

            This can’t be happening to me. Who did I piss off so much that they willed this malady on me? Why wasn’t there a notice or choice of some kind? How am I supposed to handle this? Should I tell other people or keep it bottled up inside? Is... Read more »

Focus on What's Really Important in Life!

You know how life situations hit you when you least expect it and you’re caught off guard?  Well that’s how my July 4th weekend started out.  I never expected to have the following conversation: “Your MRI shows a lesion on your brain.  It’s located in the speech center and it’s about the size of dime. ... Read more »

Career Reinvention Tips - 25 Action Items That Really Work

  For those of us in the midst of a life or career reinvention, trail tips are always welcome.  Learning from other’s experiences helps make our changes a little easier.  Knowing that other professionals have survived career and life reinventions provides us with hope that we can move through major changes and be successful.  Here... Read more »

5 Ways Baby Boomers Can Shine On Social Media

This is the second in this series of articles about changing business environments.  Technology is the topic – more specifically social media.  Social media is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.  Sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are currently the leading social media sites.... Read more »

Generations+Cooperation=No More Frustrations

This is the first in a series of articles about changing business environments and how they affect organizations and employees. The topics in this series will include: generations in the workforce fast paced technology emerging business models the sharing economy One of the big topics of conversation these days is what’s happening in the workforce... Read more »

5 things you need to know about your career

As the career landscape continues to change it’s good idea to keep the following concepts in mind to keep change in perspective:  Multiple careers are now the norm.  It used to be that the job you took right out of college was the job you kept your entire working life.  Those days are long gone... Read more »

Boomers: "We're not dead yet!" (Monty Python is alive & well)

Our generation is the first to look “aging” directly in the eye and say “no way”!  Many of us feel as much as 15 years younger than we really are.  The fallacy of youth could be draining of us of joy and spirit.  Personally, I’m all for flattering lighting and photo touching for headshots.  I’m... Read more »

Boomers: What is our legacy?

    Legacy is important for every generation.  It’s important because it gives meaning to what it’s members valued and contributed to the whole of humanity.  As more of the Boomer generation enters their sixties, legacy starts to become more real than ever before.  Exactly what do we want our legacy to be?  How to... Read more »

Boomers: What to do before reality hits

        What is the new reality for many baby boomers today?  For some, it’s exactly as they expected it to be.  They worked for the same company for thirty-five years and retired with enough savings to live comfortably.  For others, turning 65 isn’t the magic age when the switch flips and you... Read more »

Attention Boomers: Millennials Make Great Mentors

        How familiar are you with these terms: infographics, ibeacons, mobile apps, disruption, or multi-channel marketing?   Until a few months ago, these words meant nothing to me either.  However, it seems that these subjects kept coming in business conversations and I hate to always be the one to ask the question; “what... Read more »