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Swimming Lessons' Lessons

After three months of swimming lessons, I am  proud to announce that EK has upped the threshold from 0 to 12 seconds before we dive in to save him.  I know that sounds terrible, but honestly, it’s a huge coup; it takes less time for me to house a Three Musketeers bar. However, I have... Read more »

Suburban Haiku: 17 Syllables and a Little Insight Into My Own Absurdity

Six years ago, I ventured to a HS freshman-year volleyball game to cheer on my  cousin and all of her new, awkward friends. “WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?”, a  parent yelled as a 13-year-old missed  a spike. One might have even referred to my cousin’s teammate as “useless”. Welcome to crazytown. Now that I have a... Read more »