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My kid is heading to kindergarten and I’m feeling all the feels

Well, it’s happened. Like every other kid, mine has gone ahead and grown up. I mean, he isn’t sprouting a dirty ‘stache or anything, but he’s old enough to head off to school. And with this realization comes a whole lot of freak outs on mom’s part. Let’s run through a list of these (sometimes unreasonable)... Read more »

A weird time capsule from my 4th grade self

1. The motorcade
2. "Hi" says President Kennedy
3. A gun shot from a nearby bulding.
4. Hospital
5. Graveyard
6. The end
SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL do I have a treat for you. It’s not quite how I remembered, but amazing all the same. Here’s the backstory. Back in 1989 (fourth grade or so), when schools still offered art class more than once a never, we were given a special assignment: Create a storyboard out of felt.... Read more »

7 reasons why I'm going back to Cali

I’m sitting at my desk, sweating like an Irishman at the crossroads, and  listening to some LL Cool J. Aside from from loving cool James, do you know what I adore? Air conditioning. And non-crusty skin under my nose. Oh, and the ocean. It was radio silence over at Swirleytime this past week because we... Read more »

To Overprotective Parents: I Say Asphalt is Nutritious and Delicious

I remember when EK threatened to crawl, my daycare provider of a dad suggested that I get down on my kid’s level to identify potential hazards. With knees covered in cat hair and dust bunnies, I spied sharp corners just ripe for eyeball pokes, sequins (don’t judge, they are AWESOME hot pants), and other perils... Read more »

Download De La Soul's entire discography for free today

WHAT? I know! Give yourself an amazing Valentine’s Day gift and visit De La Soul’s website to download their entire discography for free. I remember listening to a mix tape my friend Andy made for me Junior year of high school – full of oodles and oodles of ohs and damn did I fall in... Read more »

Parental hoarding: What "keepsakes" are actually worth keeping?

I need some advice. Today, my kid tried to give away a piece of art to his aunt and my best friend, Katie.  It’s a self-portrait signed by the artist himself; the first that even included arms and legs and around 10 toes and fingers.  My reaction?  I didn’t want to share this gem with... Read more »

Documenting life in the digital age

Be prepared, this post is a little sappy and a whole lotta cliche. My grandma Elaine passed away in September 2007.  She was the best. That’s all you need to know. Well, I mean I could go on forever, but I bet you have your own awesome grandmas. Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for her departure... Read more »

Old houses and a slice of humble pie

I grew up in an American foursquare house. We had a front yard, a back yard and 100+year old cracked plaster walls. My mom moved out a year and a half after we moved in and it was just me and my dad for the next four years. And the eight kids wreaking havoc in... Read more »

Growing up 80s: A Nostalgic Look Back

I ripped apart my basement the other night looking for this bad boy.  I might bend and buy one from etsy because I think I wanted to be buried wearing it.
I’ve been feeling a little old lately. I’m a teensy (lotsa) bit sore when I get up from reading bedtime stories; my smile lines are no longer indicative of my levels of happiness, but instead my age; and, worst of all, everywhere I look I see all of my childhood toys (My Little Pony, Strawberry... Read more »

David Bowie and my husband's love of the denim tuxedo

David Bowie. While the catalyst for my years- long devotion was the film, Labyrinth (1986), I celebrated his entire collection. Let's Dance? Right into your bedroom, Dave. 

Oh, and his crotch has a Facebook fan page.
I was recently reminded of my unbridled love for Dave Grohl. I mean, it’s impossible to forget his incredible dreaminess, but now that he has kids (apparently the fact that I have a family is irrelevant) I pretty much gave up all hope that he would see me at a concert and decide that he... Read more »
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