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Coming to terms with mortality: 'Keep in touch' has a new meaning

Heads up: This post is about the passing of my grandfather and includes some discussion of hospitals and such.  I last spoke with my grampie on July 21  – just two months ago.  He’d spent a week in Chicago celebrating all types of family and then headed back to his Missouri bachelor pad to recover from... Read more »

This Week's Top Ten Parenting Fails According to My Kid

1. At 2:30 AM today, I was summoned from Dreamland by a screaming preschooler. I did what any responsible parent would do and covered my head with a pillow. However, his relentless cries finally won out and, after dragging myself out of bed, was told that I “ruined his birthday party by not playing the... Read more »

Making dreams comes true for one Brony at a time

EK’s obsession with My Little Pony continues. I would go as far as calling him a hardcore Brony. Our Halloween plans are set : 1. 1 rainbow dash sweatshirt 2. Pair of blue pants with hooves sewed on (don’t even ask me how this will happen). Done and done (brushes hands off). But here is... Read more »

Yesterday I hung out with my topless mom and other random musings

Friday random musings. 1. I wish I was a writer for the League. Really, I wish I was friends with writers from the League. Why? Because I want to hang out with the cast (yes, I know they ad lib) to overhear whatever conversations lead to gems like these: – If Sofia and I split... Read more »

Domestic Wars: Backyard Bargaining

There’s a war afoot in the Swirley household. Now that spring has arrived, we have to decide what to do with our backyard. I, being the loving mother who would like to keep her child occupied while she gardens, reads, lazes about, am lobbying for the purchase of a used slide for EK. Mr. Swirley,... Read more »

Random thoughts: Overboard, nerd-models, DIY projects and ketchup

Big news  folks, big news. Last week I received a Facebook message from one Greg Proffit (screen name from Overboard, obviously) basically saying: “I saw your post. I am sort of OK with it. Do I have to hire security for my wedding? I am surprised I haven’t unfriended you.” I KNOW! I KNOW! I... Read more »

Nurturing a weirdo?

This might be a bold statement, but I believe myself to be the Queen of Bad Decisions.  Or at least an integral member of her court. I mean, who schedules a dentist appointment, public speaking class (which deserves its own post because I am such a wreck) and a lady MD visit that required a... Read more »
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