Overboard (1987) - Where are they now?

**UPDATE  7/8/15 - Overboard is getting remade. I KNOW! Check out my open letter to star (as Dean, of course) and producer Eugenio Derbez. SO MANY QUESTIONS! Share it, retweet it, send it by carrier pigeon or speeding yacht! Us 'Boardies need to know what fate awaits Arturo and Katarina.


Ever wondered what happened to Gertie? Or the twins from everyone's favorite movie, Overboard? Below are links to three posts outlining the life and times of members of the beloved cast based on exhaustive, fine, sufficient Interweb research. Please send along any corrections and/or updates.

Part I - "Has it *escaped your attention* that these children have head to toe poison oak?"

  • Edward Herrmann AKA Grant Stayton III
  • Mike Hagerty aka Billy Pratt
  • Jared Rushton AKA Charlie Proffitt AKA twin
  • Brian Price AKA Travis Proffitt aka Roy
  • Jeffrey Wiseman AKA Joey Proffitt

Part II - "Elk Snout (part II)"

  • Jamie Wild aka Greg Proffitt
  • Frank Campanelli AKA Mr. Tunatti (Portuguese garbage scow captain)
  • Doris Hess AKA Miss Adele Burbridge
  • Carol Williard AKA Rose Budd (news anchor)
  • Lisa Beth Ross AKA Tofutti Klein

Part III -"Maybe you'll spark to this!"

  • Edith Mintz AKA Katherine Helmond
  • Roddy McDowell AKA Andrew
  • Henry Alan Miller AKA Dr. Norman Korman AKA Harvey Miller AKA Harvey Skolnik
  • Mona Lyden AKA Gertie
  • Ray Combs AKA “Cop at Hospital”

Also, that time Jamie Wild got engaged, the time Jamie Wild responded to my blog and when he issued a restraining order against me. Wait, that didn't happen...yet.Plus a general ode (WITH GIFs!) to Overboard

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I basically died on 10/25/14

I basically died on 10/25/14