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5 kids books that make great gifts

Number 1 on my list is<a href="">"Someday a Bird Will Poop on You"</a> ($16.95). Kids obviously love this book because you say “poop” a bazillion times. Crude? Yes. Effective? Yes. Why? Because someday a bird will poop on you. Or you won’t get what you want from Santa. Or you’ll lose a job, get in a fender bender, be served Pepsi instead of Coke. Cats and dogs living together and we all have to cope. So help the kiddos hone this skill now and give them a pass on the “potty talk”. Even better, give it to a recent college grad because Lord knows they are going to feel crapped on.
Our house overfloweth with books. Yet we keep adding to our library because, well, books are awesome. Especially books that make both adults and kids laugh. If you buy one or all of these kids books, I promise you will be known throughout the land as the BEST GIFT GIVER IN THE HISTORY OF GIFT... Read more »

The ultimate gift list for any 80s movie lover

The ultimate gift list for any 80s movie lover
Tick tock friends. Christmas is almost upon us. If you are like me, you want to pick up a gift that is meaningful; not simply a little diddy that qualifies as “hey, this crap is for you”. What defines meaningful? For some it might be a framed family photo or gorgeous blob piece of artwork... Read more »