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The ultimate gift list for any 80s movie lover

The ultimate gift list for any 80s movie lover
Tick tock friends. Christmas is almost upon us. If you are like me, you want to pick up a gift that is meaningful; not simply a little diddy that qualifies as “hey, this crap is for you”. What defines meaningful? For some it might be a framed family photo or gorgeous blob piece of artwork... Read more »

Easy DIY tufted headboard tutorial

Another DIY project, you ask? We didn’t get enough when we tufted a coffee table? Or used chalk-paint on a giant sideboard? Hell no. There are never enough DIY projects when you are a cheap bastard psuedo-crafty. This time we opted to horn in on a friend’s project: a sweet ass  DIY tufted  headboard. Let’s... Read more »

Family Fun at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

Its March. Lion, lamb and all that jazz. Hopefully. So far it’s just been cold and white (now yellow and black). It’s so weird to yearn for humidity and BO. Luckily, we have id’d  some urban escapes from Hell’s  vortex: Garfield Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park Conservatory, and a few other spots to run out the... Read more »

Olympic-themed activities for preschoolers and the athletically challenged

First step in hosting household Olympics? Get your grubby hands on an Olympic Torch.  Required materials: 1 paper towel roll, a little tinfoil, glue/tape and some firey looking tissue paper. Let the kiddos put it together and run some energy out while parading it around the yard! Step-by-step directions <a href=""> here</a>
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Are you ready for the Olympics? Taught your kids to chant “‘MERICA, ‘MERICA!” on command? Just because you can’t make it to Sochi (consider yourself lucky, those Olympic villages are ripe with disease), doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Check out these fun activities to help teach the wee ones about the awesomeness that is the... Read more »