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5 kids books that make great gifts

Number 1 on my list is<a href="">"Someday a Bird Will Poop on You"</a> ($16.95). Kids obviously love this book because you say “poop” a bazillion times. Crude? Yes. Effective? Yes. Why? Because someday a bird will poop on you. Or you won’t get what you want from Santa. Or you’ll lose a job, get in a fender bender, be served Pepsi instead of Coke. Cats and dogs living together and we all have to cope. So help the kiddos hone this skill now and give them a pass on the “potty talk”. Even better, give it to a recent college grad because Lord knows they are going to feel crapped on.
Our house overfloweth with books. Yet we keep adding to our library because, well, books are awesome. Especially books that make both adults and kids laugh. If you buy one or all of these kids books, I promise you will be known throughout the land as the BEST GIFT GIVER IN THE HISTORY OF GIFT... Read more »

Hold on to your legwarmers and get your side-ponytail ready: Judy Blume is writing a new book

These jeans epitomized coolness...and how uncool I was in sixth grade.
Big, happy news today, friends! Ms. Judy Blume is writing her first book in over a decade and it is slated for publication sometime in 2015. According to the Washington Post, the book is geared towards adults which is perfect for us 70s/80s babes. To bide the time until its publication, check out some of these images to... Read more »

Swimming Lessons' Lessons

After three months of swimming lessons, I am  proud to announce that EK has upped the threshold from 0 to 12 seconds before we dive in to save him.  I know that sounds terrible, but honestly, it’s a huge coup; it takes less time for me to house a Three Musketeers bar. However, I have... Read more »

Suburban Haiku: 17 Syllables and a Little Insight Into My Own Absurdity

Six years ago, I ventured to a HS freshman-year volleyball game to cheer on my  cousin and all of her new, awkward friends. “WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?”, a  parent yelled as a 13-year-old missed  a spike. One might have even referred to my cousin’s teammate as “useless”. Welcome to crazytown. Now that I have a... Read more »