Four documentaries that will restore your faith in humanity

While my husband and I are physically capable of sitting down and watching whathaveyou together, I tend to opt for an 8PM bedtime while he watches ESPN until his eyeballs fly out.

He also hates to watch my “stories”. Hate is a strong word; my taste in television “bums him out”. Between Trump’s freakish rise in popularity to the collective obsession with Making a Murderer, Mr. Swirley claims he’s emotionally tapped out. He wants unicorns and churros and stupid ESPN mascot commercials. Fine, those ads are usually pretty funny,

Anyway, in the spirit of compromise and covertly-rolled-eyes-while-I-smile-and-nod, I am actively dampening my innate killjoy instinct to instead ID less offensive shows.  If you want to join the club, check out some suggestions from the most thoughtful person ever, AKA me!

1. Mortified Nation. If you are OK with watching television through splayed fingers,  ADD THIS TO YOUR NETFLIX QUEUE. People read some of the most embarrassing passages from their teenage diaries (think exploring inner gangsta’ rap personas or incredibly unrequited love). IT IS GENIUS and your stomach will hurt from laughing.

Most exciting is that your city might be hosting live performances of brave fools willing to bare it all for your entertainment. Check their site for an updated schedule.

videogamesmovie2. Video Games: The Movie.  While I’m not big fan of the ole video games, I now better understand the history of the gaming industry and why people spent all of 1997 play Bond. No, that’s a lie; I still don’t understand why people love(d) that stupid game. But the movie is interesting.

3. To Be Takai. The d0c not only features a review of George Takai’s long cinematic career but chronicles his early life in a Japanese American internment camp thru his evolution into an international icon. So much Takai time only makes me want more. Call me, George.

tiny_flat4. Tiny: A Story About Living Small. Our little group of friends often discusses retirement because, well, working sort of sucks. Specifically, we plan on shacking up in some sort of freaky compound to better share costs and complaints. Enter the tiny house movement where folks are learning to “live small” in order to enjoy fuller lives. It’s an interesting concept that alot of people are most definitely embracing.

Who knows, a corrugated tin roof just might be in our future, however, I put my foot down at a lofted bed. These Diet Coke-filled bones will be hollow long before I enter retirement.

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Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

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