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Unique gifts for the '80s movie lover on your list - 2015 edition

It’s holiday shopping time again, y’all. And, as usual, I’m inspired by the Internet and all of the goodies on which I can waste spend cash. Go American consumerism! Clueless turned 30 this year. 3-0. Sweet Lord. Aside from that creepy step-sibling incest sub-plot, the movie is solid. Bring it back with a sweet dazzle feather... Read more »

Caregiving Chronicles: I'm grateful for my mom's new brain lesion

It’s been a rough few months for mom (AKA Ardie Ho-Ho).  An MS exacerbation, three weeks of in-patient intensive therapy (PT/OT and Speech), an accidental narcotic overdose (ICU and five more days in-patient) and a second round of mega-steroids during yet another week stay.  Six weeks of hospital Jell-O out of the last 16. It’s also been... Read more »

Murphy's Law is my every day

I embrace chaos. Whether it’s my mom sitting in an unmonitored wheelchair that is slowly snaking its way to the street, or locking myself out of the house for the 20,446,205th time, it’s just how I roll. It’s kind of my calling card that I always misplace. Sometimes, however, I’m not entirely to blame. Sort... Read more »