Parenting bloggers beware: Karma is a real b!tch

Last week I penned a post lamening my kid’s erratic sleep habits; hard to rouse when I need to go to work, and up before the sunrise on “stay-at-home days.” Poor me, I know. Those mommy jokes are so easy to make at the expense of your kiddo.

Don’t worry, karma was quick to bite me in the ass. Two days later we found ourselves listening to the barking cough of one croupy kid. We tried a steam shower, an 11 PM rest on the front porch and even took some leftover steroids after the GP gave the thumbs up. Alas, our little seal-boy’s bark could not be quelled and off to the ER we went.

“The wait is averaging 4-5 hours,” said the triage nurse. With everyone in the waiting room eyeing us like the pariahs we honestly were,  the three of us quarantined ourselves  to a corner. There we waited with a fairly happy kid until our 4:30 AM call back to an empty bed. Seven mgs of dexamethasone later and we were on our way home and all “look at us amazing parents TCOBing”.

Just kidding. We left one ER to go directly to another. Why? Within blocks of our house, EK woke up gasping for air.  Seriously karma? Is making fun of my kid getting up too early worth this? I can do 24 hours awake no problem, but let’s not constrict airway, mkay? Just send me some trolls and call it a day.

Our second ER visit included me yelling at triage nurses (we need to wait to register? Keep it classy, guys), some breathing treatments and a very tired tot saying, “I just can’t do it.” Sweet baby J.

10629527_10155035632860145_7534753124076831014_oBut he did do it and 48 hours later he is back at school. While I don’t know exactly why he struggled so much with this last round of croup, I do know that I will take his morning shenanigans ANYTIME over what our little goat-headed kid had to go through this weekend.

I love this lug so much. And I guess I appreciate his sneaky ways of keeping me in check.

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