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You have power over me, David Bowie's pants in Labyrinth [PHOTOS!]

You have power over me, David Bowie's pants in Labyrinth [PHOTOS!]
I love David Bowie. “China Girl” David Bowie, Jareth from “Labyrinth David Bowie and even Flight of the Conchords’ “Bowie in Space” ditty. Iman’s husband is pretty effing dreamy. Luckily for us Midwesterners, David Bowie Is is at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) until January 2015, so we can visit any old day... Read more »

Hey media, quit calling Amanda Bynes "crazy"

This morning I scrolled through Facebook updates and saw an Amanda Bynes write-up  on Gawker. Why did Jordan Sargent need to use “crazy” in his title? It’s one thing to mock tabloids in a weekly round-up, it’s another thing to add fuel to the fire. Yes, I know it’s Gawker and they are all loosey-goosey... Read more »

To the person who ransacked my car last night, HAHA

Back in college, some asshole smashed my car window and stole pretty much everything out of that little lemon of a car. From the stereo to my groceries (what? It was fall in WI. Stuff stayed cold), I was left with nothing. I also lost my ENTIRE CD collection (remember those?) because I was a... Read more »

Won't you be my neighbor?: Five interesting fact about Fred Rogers

Who doesn’t love Mr. Rogers? I regularly pull his shows up on YouTube and watch them let my kid watch them. I mean, just look at this silver fox. According to Rogers’ stagehand turned actor Michael Keaton, Rogers was “funny, just deceptively funny. So authentic, but also so unusual.” Intriguing, no? Fun facts: 1. Fred was... Read more »

IKEA with kids: A one way ticket to Anxietyville

Today I went to IKEA. I know you are thinking, “IKEA? On a Friday? You are a GREAT planner, Annie.” But wait, my kid is now old enough to gain access to IKEA’s Kinderland or whatevertheshit it’s called in Swedish. Basically a stranger will watch my kid for an hour as long as little Swirley... Read more »

Successful parenting sometimes means letting go

Yesterday I read a well-written blog post by fellow CN’er Walter Michka entitled, “How will your kids turn out?” He wrote, Bryan Caplan, author of Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids believes children’s long-term outcome is more nature than nurture, that parents may have some influence on their children in the short-term but long-term, it’s really up to the kids themselves. “…parents... Read more »