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5 reasons why camping sucks

I have never been a camper. NEVER EVER NEVER.  You are thinking, “but Annie, you hate showering and your best friends in the whole world are hippie, nature loving, bone boiling, scat collecting biologists.” I do hate to shower and yes my friends are dirty hippies, but camping still sucks. Why? 1. Because of bullshit... Read more »

7 bogus excuses my 3-year-old uses to avoid bedtime

Holy sweet mother of pearl. I am convinced my kid doesn’t want to survive in this world. Whether it’s because he is driving his parents to the point of insanity with late night shenanigans or he simply isn’t on board with  the fact that EVERY SINGLE BEING needs to rest – I don’t care. The shit... Read more »

Easy DIY tufted headboard tutorial

Another DIY project, you ask? We didn’t get enough when we tufted a coffee table? Or used chalk-paint on a giant sideboard? Hell no. There are never enough DIY projects when you are a cheap bastard psuedo-crafty. This time we opted to horn in on a friend’s project: a sweet ass  DIY tufted  headboard. Let’s... Read more »

My little Brony

Back in February  I wrote about a documentary entitled Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. It’s still streaming on Netflix and you still should watch it because it’s amazing. Fast-forward to May when my own kid discovered the wonder that is My Little Pony. I too celebrated the Ponies when I was... Read more »

I am the world's worst cook

No one has ever accused me of being a good cook. I try, I really do. But sometimes cereal is so much easier. When I do make something tasty it is likely unintentional and impossible to replicate. And then there is the problem of a short attention span. A few weeks ago, while making BBQ... Read more »

Operation Lazyass: I always go the extra mile to avoid doing things

I’ll  admit it: I’m a lazyass. I mean, when it counts I’ll get ‘er done, but if I am out of coffee filters (for a week), paper towels always trump a trip to the grocery store.I can’t recall if I have always been like this. Or, more likely, I am too lazy to actually sit... Read more »

7 reasons why I'm going back to Cali

I’m sitting at my desk, sweating like an Irishman at the crossroads, and  listening to some LL Cool J. Aside from from loving cool James, do you know what I adore? Air conditioning. And non-crusty skin under my nose. Oh, and the ocean. It was radio silence over at Swirleytime this past week because we... Read more »