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Easy Money Saving Tips as Chicago's Utility Rates Skyrocket

A recent twitter conversation with the not-for-profit consumer advocacy group, Citizens’ Utility Board (CUB) Illinois, regarding rising utility rates just made my head explode. @cubillinois hubbwhat? What is the current rate? — Annie S. (@swirleytime) March 22, 2014 @cubillinois wow — Annie S. (@swirleytime) March 24, 2014 Say what?  According to CUB, Chicago’s suburbs aren’t... Read more »

Caretaking Chronicles: Silver Linings

Excuse my week-long absence. Things got nuts. Like shitty-nuts, not awesome nuts. Like on a scale of nuttiness, where one is “eh, I didn’t need that finger anyway” and 10 being “holy guacamole, that dude’s head just exploded” – we were at like mach 40. Sunday I received a call from Ho-Ho’s supportive living folks... Read more »

Suburban Haiku: 17 Syllables and a Little Insight Into My Own Absurdity

Six years ago, I ventured to a HS freshman-year volleyball game to cheer on my  cousin and all of her new, awkward friends. “WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?”, a  parent yelled as a 13-year-old missed  a spike. One might have even referred to my cousin’s teammate as “useless”. Welcome to crazytown. Now that I have a... Read more »

The Terrors Found Within My Purse, Round II

Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other is sort of sandy taupe.
Mama’s got a brand new bag. There are few things more exciting than transferring “treasured” items from an old murse (mom purse) to a brand new Mary Poppins’ sack. The last time I publicly emptied my bag, I received a number of excellent submissions from other folks who shared the sh!!tshow going on within the... Read more »

Family Fun at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

Its March. Lion, lamb and all that jazz. Hopefully. So far it’s just been cold and white (now yellow and black). It’s so weird to yearn for humidity and BO. Luckily, we have id’d  some urban escapes from Hell’s  vortex: Garfield Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park Conservatory, and a few other spots to run out the... Read more »

The Illustrated Guide to Getting Kids to Sleep

When people told me my kid would someday sleep through the night, I assumed that would mean I too would be sleeping a solid eight hours snuggled up in my cozy bed. “Just get through the first three six twelve months,” we told ourselves, “ and then it will be easy-street from then on out.”... Read more »