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Joan Cusack watched me lose my mind

The holidays are a stressful time for many. Presents, money, time, money, calories, money. What can make them a little easier? Joan Cusack. “What?”, you say? Let’s do this. This past weekend, I was buzzing around Old Town looking for the perfect gift for my mother-in-law because the other three gifts I had purchased were... Read more »

Give your kid's preschool teacher cold, hard cash this holiday

1. A few bones 2. Cash money 3. Gift cards 4. Dinero 5. Booze When EK first started school I wrestled with this issue. Travel mug and fancy coffee? Manicure?  And then I got real. Maybe you think it’s tacky to give one (or all) the above suggestions but these people deserve a night out... Read more »

Winter is crap except for those delicious snowflakes

And here it is folks. The annual bitch about the weather post. This year’s  is sponsored by the post lady who just told me to “shut up” when I shivered as I handed her 1/1000000 of our Christmas cards (last year the postman told me he would stop delivering mail if I kept answering the... Read more »

Dog or baby?: Guess which of these walking disasters did these 25 things

Recently I was talking with my cousin Anna about how kids are sort of like feral beasts. Crap, did we say that? Well, they are most of the time. Especially those little itty bitty ones (like five and under) whose primary purpose in life is to bleed you dry of all of your cash-money and... Read more »