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Social media challenge: Put the FUN back in dysFUNctional this Thanksgivukkah

Last night, while laying in bed with my 3-year-old, right after he said, “Mama? Sorry I kicked you in the neck”… and after my mom angrily threw her teeth at me because I wanted to  avoid them “getting stolen” by putting them away for the night (no, they are not safe in her mouth)… I... Read more »

What's more stressful? A POTUS meeting or laundry?

In 2004 I was a mere 24 years old in our nation’s capital. Barely an adult in an ill-fitting, too light grey suit, I was on year two at my non-profit job. We received word that we were about to host the Washington visit of  a delegation of Iraqi businessmen who had their hands amputated... Read more »

The Terrors Found Within my Purse

Angie Harmon opens up her purse contents to US Weekly. I think it would be pretty cool to kick it with her, so I can't knock her. But still, that a pretty unrealistic purse full of goodies for a mess like me.
It seems like every time I pick up a well-worn, passed-along magazine (because you know I am not buying those rags), I see a little snippet entitled “What’s in my purse?” or something like that. Basically, a celebrity dumps out her bag and voila!, the reader has insider access into Ms. Fancypants’ life. And it’s... Read more »

Seven reasons why newborns are the dopeshow

I have a kid. He’s three and currently repeating the phrase, “[j]ust trust me, mom”. It’s awesome. No, no it’s not. But do you know what are? Newborns. Yea, I said it. There are lots of scary mommy posts out there (I am sure I have written my share) about how crazy newborns are. Or... Read more »

7 things that go together that absolutely don't go together

This one is pretty self explanatory. 
(Credit: Google Maps)
I recently read a Red Tricycle -Chicago story article about a new kids yoga studio that is sharing a building with a candy store. Get those little buggers all relaxed and then BAM! Sugar high. Or at least up your blood-pressure as you dodge “WHY CAN’T WE GET CANDY?” x 10000000. And then there is... Read more »

Like a G6, Parents' Remix

What do you do when you are on a work trip? How about write a parody of a dance anthem’s lyrics to match your current lifestyle. Help Swirleytime and the Comfypants Chronicles put it to video. You are welcome in advance. “Want Some Fishsticks” To the tune of  the Far East Movement’s “Like a G6”... Read more »
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