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How the Russian Consulate Led Me to Morocco

Ever hung out at the Russian Embassy in DC? Excuse me, the Consulate? You have to be invited to the Embassy – fancy Muscovites keep it real. Anyway, imagine this GIGANTIC, imposing beast of an embassy, all glorious and exempt from property taxes… and just down the hill is the consulate. A gate, a door... Read more »

Five Things I Think Will Kill Me

Five Things I Think Will Kill Me
Today I was pretty sure I was going to be  murdered by the appliance repair guy. I won’t go into details, but basically I ended up paying him to leave. Then I lost my mind on the Jiffy Lube lady by informing her that, “I am going to go ape shit if you try to... Read more »

Cheap Date Night: Robots in the Second City

Oh Lord! Mr. Swirley and I went out on a date to a place that WAS NOT OUR CORNER BAR/RESTAURANT. I KNOW! Pretty bold. First, know this: I am not writing a sponsored post. Once again, these fools soon to be id’d are probably terrified that  I am writing about their respective companies. But I... Read more »

How to Kill Romance: Pose With Your Mom's Used Lingerie

Do you know what the most unromantic gift to give to your wife on your second, seventh anniversary (story to follow)? Gravel. OK, not really. I mean, I really didn’t get the gravel. But I also forgot our anniversary for the second time this year. Yes, we have two anniversaries because we decided to get... Read more »