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Six Reasons to Get Your Kid to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

If you go to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) today(9/28/13), you can go for free if you click right here.  Missed the Smithsonian-sponsored deal?  I still think it’s worth a visit (or ten). 1. Get your nails done What? Yes. From the MCA’s website Imperial Nail Salon (my parents’ living room) (2011–13) is an installation... Read more »

Music Ideas for a Kids Video Montage

I am one of those annoying people who takes 10,000 photos and videos everywhere  I go. It started before EK entered the world, but it clearly  has gotten a zillion times worse since he started harassing us on the daily. So what do you do with all of those 12 second snippets of video? Well,... Read more »

Caretaking Chronicles: The Dental Debacle Continues

Have you ever felt like your head was going to explode? I mean this in the most literal sense of the word. EGGSPLODE. Like, “my wedding gown doesn’t fit and I am getting married in 14 minutes!!” or “my mom’s front three teeth feel out (bridge) and it will cost $4-8000 to fix it!!”? Because... Read more »

Thursday Night Nonsense: Toddler Games, Ritalin and Canada

It’s nine o’clock on a Thursday! That means I am getting crazy in bed. And it’s kind of awesome. Heads up – the following is a bunch of nonsense. EK is moaning from his bed: “My feet aren’t tight enough. My feet need to be tucked in tighter.” Tough love, friends, tough love. We were... Read more »

Three AM Musings: Dentures, Diapers and Debt

Mr. Swirley is gone for this week. This means the following: – My main caloric source is cereal. Lots and lots of cereal. – There are no milk glasses left on the table in the morning and all of the throw pillows are still expertly placed ON the couch 24 HOURS/DAY. – No one is... Read more »

Disco & Changing Tables: What Makes Restaurants Family Friendly?

Last night we attempted to go out to dinner with our three-year-old kid. His time at the restaurant went something like this: 1. Enter fun Irish pub that caters to families (i.e., tolerant wait staff, kid’s activities and a general relaxed attitude). 2. Slam right side of face on stair. Cry. Stop crying. Start crying... Read more »

A caretaker's quiz: Who said what?

For anyone who is a caretaker for their parent(s), they know it can sometimes be hilarious, tragic, or hilariously tragic (tragically hilarious?). Anyway,  it can also be VERY similar to taking care of a kid. Instead of actively bitching about the current state of affairs, I thought I would make it a game where I... Read more »

Tuesday musings: Financial stress and poop lotion

At four AM today, I rolled over to see Ellis staring intently at me with his newly acquired “crazy three-year old eyes”.  Actually, his eyeballs vacillate between crazy and rage-filled depending on the millisecond. People told me that three is harder than two. We are four whole days into it, and I can say with... Read more »