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Eight picture-books you should read to your kids

This is Norm.
It’s birthday time in the Swirley household which means BOOKS galore for young EK. He has already received two from his wife-to-be and in-laws in celebration of birthday number three. My favorite thing about books as gifts are the inscriptions. Especially Ellis’ future father-in-law’s (Norm) notes. So, without ado, I present to you a list... Read more »

Four signs you need to get your kid out of the city

Over the past two weeks I have become acutely aware of the fact that my child has no idea about the world outside of the city. How so? Let me give you four separate quotes to illustrate just how sheltered he really is when it comes to all things nature. 1. During last week’s drive... Read more »

Potty-training: A quick, crude take

I don’t usually write about things like potty-training or finger-nail biting because they gross me out. Or, I assume they gross you out enough that you will write me off forever. However, the time has come to discuss the absurdity of potty training a human being. First, I know I am not the first parent... Read more »

How to Host a Hip and Affordable Baby Shower

So you have decided to host a  shower for your preggo friend(s). First, trust me, it will be awesome. Second, below are some tips for you to make it a hip and affordable baby shower. 1. Commit to hosting said shower before consulting with your roommate/significant other/partner, what have you. Honestly, that is my advice... Read more »