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The evolution of pregnancy tests: From ruining wine to modern day pee-sticks

Before I begin I would like to state for the record that I am not pregnant. Just want to put it out there because I know you all care. When I found out I was pregnant with Ellis, I was in total disbelief. Especially since I had gone to a Festivus party the previous night... Read more »

Bad parenting moments: Crazy haircuts

I have a history of making bad decisions when it comes to my kid. Meat lunch with a side of meat? Yes, please. Leaving him with my forgetful mother in in a zillion degree apartment while I run around her apartment complex? Why the hell not! Drag him around to run 12, 000 errands andfind... Read more »

Documenting life in the digital age

Be prepared, this post is a little sappy and a whole lotta cliche. My grandma Elaine passed away in September 2007.  She was the best. That’s all you need to know. Well, I mean I could go on forever, but I bet you have your own awesome grandmas. Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for her departure... Read more »

Chicago Summer Festivals: Slav it up!

If you ask anyone who knows me, you will quickly learn that I love pretty much anything Slavic. Polish buffet? Check. Czech goulash worth a three hour drive? Czech. (see what I did there?) Bratislava? Oh yea. So it only makes sense that I love the hell out of the below-listed festivals. And yes, I... Read more »