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Random Friday fun: New Interweb sensation, how to dispose of a body and bathroom candy

Time for some random thoughts on  a sunny Friday 1. EK has been on a terror lately. Like what? How about silently creeping into the bathroom last night, sans diaper, jumping from the toilet to the sink and opening the medicine cabinet to grab some M&Ms like the little Golum he is. What, you don’t... Read more »

Old houses and a slice of humble pie

I grew up in an American foursquare house. We had a front yard, a back yard and 100+year old cracked plaster walls. My mom moved out a year and a half after we moved in and it was just me and my dad for the next four years. And the eight kids wreaking havoc in... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day! I'll try to keep my kid out of the ER

As I lazed about in bed this morning wondering where my G-D breakfast was, my mind wandered to my feet. Specifically, my lovely bunions. I know, gross. I became unreasonably excited about the prospect of surgery this year as our health spending account money  will roll over and we will have zero deductible for 2013-2014.... Read more »

Yesterday I hung out with my topless mom and other random musings

Friday random musings. 1. I wish I was a writer for the League. Really, I wish I was friends with writers from the League. Why? Because I want to hang out with the cast (yes, I know they ad lib) to overhear whatever conversations lead to gems like these: – If Sofia and I split... Read more »

Wicker Park resale shops are bad for self-esteem

Last week I had one of those freak out moments where I felt like I needed to purge everything in my closet or my head would explode.  I should have taken a “before” picture of my closet but I was too lazy. So just imagine actively choosing to go to Taste of Chicago to hang... Read more »