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Maternity Clothing for the Discerning Frugalista

Here were my ideas for today’s post: – why I haven’t written lately (i.e., my house was filled with adorable tiny house guests that were intent on destroying it) – general insecurities (i.e., I spent the entire weekend stressing about an optional “strength assessment” at my new gym only to cancel it like the big... Read more »

The First Year of Parenting: When Did I Lose my Mind?

Last week my friend Goose asked me about nursing bras and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember one useful nugget of information for this new mama. I started thinking, what do I really remember from EK’s first year of life? Pretty much nada. Luckily for me (not so much for you), I chronicled... Read more »

Crappy coffee, baby-fever and a list of other random thoughts

Today is a good day for a list of random thoughts. 1. This is what my morning coffee looks like. It 90% half and half, 8% coffee and 2% coffee grinds. On a scale of 1 to sludge, it’s fairly disgusting. Especially as I only sprinkled new coffee grounds on day-old muck to make a... Read more »

An Introduction: Mental Illness and a Pot of Coffee

I call my mom Ardie Ho-Ho. It’s a name she gave herself when she ran away from home at the ripe age of 2.5.A policeman found her attempting to cross a busy street and she coined the monicker when he inquired as to her name. I also call her mom. But I like Ho-Ho better.... Read more »

Growing up 80s: A Nostalgic Look Back

I ripped apart my basement the other night looking for this bad boy.  I might bend and buy one from etsy because I think I wanted to be buried wearing it.
I’ve been feeling a little old lately. I’m a teensy (lotsa) bit sore when I get up from reading bedtime stories; my smile lines are no longer indicative of my levels of happiness, but instead my age; and, worst of all, everywhere I look I see all of my childhood toys (My Little Pony, Strawberry... Read more »

Domestic Wars: Backyard Bargaining

There’s a war afoot in the Swirley household. Now that spring has arrived, we have to decide what to do with our backyard. I, being the loving mother who would like to keep her child occupied while she gardens, reads, lazes about, am lobbying for the purchase of a used slide for EK. Mr. Swirley,... Read more »

Bridal Gown Shopping for the Discerning Frugalista

It’ s been a minute since my last post and I have a fantastic excuse: bridal gown shopping with two sisters. Not sister-wives, mind you. That would be the easiest shopping trip ever; sew some sleeves on a peasant dress, clip in a long braid and you are ready to go. But no, these bitches... Read more »