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What You Might Call Hell, I Call Thursday - A Gallery

Illustrations by the amazing J. Sytsma Alderink
Last Thursday I thought the world might end. It didn’t. But my kid did end up in a urinal. Check it out. Illustrations credit: (the incredibly creative, talented and hilarious…I MEAN UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED) Jacoba Alderink. Read her blog, you won’t regret it. Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button.... Read more »

Who really benefits from the CTA's Ventra card?

In today’s Chicago Tribune, reporter Jon Hilkevitch provided a superb summary of the ridiculousness that is the CTA’s new Ventra card. His take: Fees, fees, fees with regard to the prepaid debit card and a lot of ambiguity as to the implementation of the new transit card system. Below are my two immediate questions: 1. CTA... Read more »

A sort-of “how to”: DIY chalk painted buffet

We did it! We painted our buffet and it looks good…from afar. Nah, I really do like it. If you don’t recall (I mean, why would you?), we purchased the buffet a few weeks ago from a used furniture place in Wicker Park. I have wanted to buy a large piece of dining room furniture... Read more »

David Bowie and my husband's love of the denim tuxedo

David Bowie. While the catalyst for my years- long devotion was the film, Labyrinth (1986), I celebrated his entire collection. Let's Dance? Right into your bedroom, Dave. 

Oh, and his crotch has a Facebook fan page.
I was recently reminded of my unbridled love for Dave Grohl. I mean, it’s impossible to forget his incredible dreaminess, but now that he has kids (apparently the fact that I have a family is irrelevant) I pretty much gave up all hope that he would see me at a concert and decide that he... Read more »

New Parent Guilt List: Part II - When Guilt Turns to Apathy

A few weeks ago I publicly outed myself as the jackass I really am. Generally speaking, I like to ignore my parenting ineptitude…except for last week when I let my kid run around Target screaming my name (MY FULL NAME) while I perused the shelves for nothing in particular. Or when I lost him at... Read more »

Do you love your kid enough to tattoo a giant apple onto your ribcage?

Thanks to STFUParents, this little gem continues to haunt my dreams nightly.
Because I don’t think I do. Last week, STFUParents posted a story about a  disturbed dedicated mom who got a tattoo (covering much of her rib-cage) of an apple immortalizing her daughter’s toddler-sized bite marks. That got me to thinking, what other tattoos are parents sporting to honor their children?  Is this something I should... Read more »

Chicago Spring Break: Secret parks

I don’t think these parks are really all that secret, but that is how they were billed when I was younger. Regardless, they seem to be off the path (pun REALLY intended) for people like me because I don’t make enough of an effort when it comes to entertaining my kid. And if none of... Read more »

Chicago Spring Break: Indoor Activities

Let’s be honest, it rains in the spring. A lot. And I certainly don’t want to go anywhere that requires a cover charge (same rule applied in college.) So I present to you the list of sometimes free but always fun indoor places to visit: a. Art Institute’s Ryan Education Center. Make some crazy ass... Read more »

Chicago Spring Break: Weird Family Activities

I was a real brown-noser in elementary school. I loved being teacher’s pet to the point I wanted to stay in the classroom during lunch to “hang-out”. I also use to to bring my teachers flowers. Sometimes I would break off fragrant purple and white lilacs growing from the bushes behind our house, but most... Read more »

Random thoughts: Overboard, nerd-models, DIY projects and ketchup

Big news  folks, big news. Last week I received a Facebook message from one Greg Proffit (screen name from Overboard, obviously) basically saying: “I saw your post. I am sort of OK with it. Do I have to hire security for my wedding? I am surprised I haven’t unfriended you.” I KNOW! I KNOW! I... Read more »