Overboard: The obsession continues

You know what really chaps my ass? Just Bieber riding the coattails of THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE, Overboard It’s to the point that when you Google the film, his stupid song shows up (don’t tell me you don’t Google your favorite movie once in a while. Like every week.) Come on Justin, you aren’t even in the same game so sit down, flip your hair and shut your pretty little pie hole.

Today was a pretty stressful day due to hours of being forced to face my own professional ineptitude…exacerbated by a snow storm (old man winter and I are not super close these days) and general pissfaceness. What does one do when faced with a bad attitude? First, I Google babies laughing (at dogs). It’s cheesy, I know, but also freaking hilarious.

Watch it. I’ll wait.

If that, plus finishing off the crappy Valentine’s Day chocolates, aren’t enough, it’s time for the big dogs. For me, that means searching out some quality Overboard trivia/merchandise/quotes. Mr. Swirley rolls his eyes when I do this, but I can tell you after seeing the “Roy” shirt below, my day got a whole hell of a lot brighter.

Illustrated overboard

Dean Proffit. Elk Cove. Badass.



I am ordering this tonight. For real. Subtle, yet awesome.

Elk cove + girly tee = buhbuhubuh

Elk cove + girly tee = buhbuhubuh

Overboard Press Kit? I will take 12 glossies, replace my kid’s pictures with these and call it a night.

Lo Quiero Overboard

Lo Quiero Overboard

I would post links for you to grab these goodies up yourselves, but I would rather you contact me so we can start a fan club and prepare for the inevitable crashing of Greg Proffit’s summer 2013 wedding. I still cannot believe he hasn’t unfriended me. I would unfriend myself if I could after reading the crap that I write.

I saved the best for last – a custom-made Etsy cross stitch. I am not lying that this inspired me to go to JoAnn fabrics this evening, in the snow, to get my craft on.

Elk Snout Cross stitch (crossstitch? too lazy to look it up)

Elk Snout Cross stitch (crossstitch? too lazy to look it up)

And as foolish as this obsession is, whenever I write about the film or even post a little picture of someone eating a checker, it elicits an amazing response for friends and freaks alike. So rise up! Be proud of your love for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel (and their love for one another). Or at least take this quiz and if you get 8/10 right, we can totally be friends.  And no, these aren’t multiple choice. If you don’t know the answer, you should just give up. On life.

1. When name does Joanna call Travis throughout the beginning of her time in the Proffitt home? {This is a gimmie}

2. On which cheek is Joanna’s birthmark?

BONUS: What shape is the birthmark?

3. What is the name of the reporter who interviews the Greek garbage scow captain?

BONUS: What does foca mean?

4. What type of wood does Dean use when renovating Joanna’s closet?

5. Fill in the blank: I’m a short, fat, ________.

6. What was the name of the placement test administered by Mrs. Burbridge? (misspelled answers are acceptable)

7. Why was Joanna on the deck the night of her infamous fall?

8. What is the name of Joanna’s mother’s dog?

9. Fill in the blank: What is this gelatinous MUCK, Andrew? When I tell you to pack staples, must I specify that you are to pack *good* caviar and not this __________?

10. Who is Gertie?

I am sure there is a way to insert drop-down menus or something into this post, but I don’t know how. Anyway, don’t you feel better now? I know I do.

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