About Caren


(It's true, I talk to walls)^

Hello All!

Wow, how serendipitous of you to show up here. Not like this page is called Carendipity or anything. Not weird at all.

SweetCarendipity… why the name? Well, as you can see my name is Caren - but what you can't see? "Caren" is actually pronounced "Sair-en" (well, in my case). What you also also also can't see (without looking at my posts), is that you will hopefully find TOTAL serendipitous posts <for you> on my column.

What I will be providing is content around self-love, compassion, and general (random) health, fitness, self-help-y related fields. You (the reader), also have the opportunity to submit anonymous questions which can be tied back to posts + podcasts. Submit questions to carendecesaris@gmail.com

Okay, okay. Here's who I am:

Caren (Sair-en) DeCesaris, an Italian, Russian, Polish, self-proclaimed self-love junkie. I have lived in the Chicago area for all of my 25 years of life, and have explored 80% of the midwest (that darn upper Michigan…).

I'm a Purdue graduate with a degree in Marketing, and I currently work downtown right across from the beautiful Millennium Park for a company in the Tech/Education fields. What I do for them is run an on-campus student internship program (along with some fun little marketing duties here and there). I just ended my time with CBS Radio (now Entercom), where I worked in promotions for Chicago's B96, 96.3. While in college, I worked for a local radio station where I confirmed my true love for entertainment. So, I continue to "entertain" by hosting and interviewing at on-site events, podcasting, and well, being a crazy person sometimes to entertain myself and others. How fun, eh?

Aside from my world of work, I also teach Yoga and Pilates. I have always loved anything having to do with movement of the body, health, fitness, yada yada… so naturally here I am. Teaching others to love it too!

"A self proclaimed self-love junkie you say"

Yep, that's me! I have my life-coaching certification, and along with my own experience + training + coaching, I run speaking events and workshops structured around body love, compassion, and digging deep within.

This is a PASSION of mine, sharing what I have learned through my own life and journey with others. This is why I write - to spread knowledge. To bring new perspectives, to show you how much of life there is to truly love. To show you that you are in control of your own life. I hope that my words bring you exactly this (all of of this), and that you find the courage to reach out if there is anything on your mind for me to post about. Because let's be real, if you're feeling something, there's gotta be (1 million) more people who are feeling the exact same thing.

Also, my writing is not just for you. Nope, sorry! I'm a little selfish with my writing. If I'm writing about jealousy, you better bet that I need some jealousy therapy myself! So, I write. Why do I share my writing with the world? Because as I mentioned, we are all the same. We all have the same thoughts, worries, troubles, bla bla bla. Ya know, all of that silly human stuff in our heads. All of those human illusions. Sending love to you all, and excited for you to be on this journey with me <3

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**www.carendecesaris.com (soon to come)

**carendecesaris@gmail.com <<<<--------- Submit questions/topic requests here! (or any other inquires:) )