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Emanuel wins by a landslide!

  Last week, Sugar Buzz Chicago ran a series of posts revealing the favorite dessert choice of each Chicago mayoral candidate. Today, we know how many total visitors clicked onto each post. Here’s the percentage breakdown for the candidates: Rahm Emanuel’s post: 72% of the total visitorsCarol Moseley Braun’s post: 18%Gery Chico’s post: 6%Miguel del Valle’s, Patricia Van Pelt’s &... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel reveals his favorite dessert!

    Taxes? Parking meters? We’ll let other journalists delve into those issues. We wanted to know what Rahm Emanuel’s favorite dessert is, and we have the answer. It’s–drum roll, please–warm pecan pie with vanilla cream, according to a spokesperson for the the Emanuel campaign, who say he doesn’t indulge very often. We believe it! He appears to be in great shape.... Read more »