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The cake created for last week's Obama fundraiser

Just in case you didn’t shell out the $35,000 to get into the Obama fundraiser last week, here is the show cake, which was placed at the entrance of the affair. The party had an Andy Warhol theme, and, with a nod to Mayor Daley’s birthday (April 24th), a cake was created which featured multiple mugs of the mayor. The cake, which... Read more »

Bakery offers Anti-Valentine's Day cookies

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, just about every bakery, supermarket and drug store in town is hawking heart-shaped sugar cookies with sweet messages written across them such as “Be Mine” and “I love you.” But maybe you’re happily single. Or maybe you’re in a really, really bad relationship. Or maybe you just think that Valentine’s Day is a cheesy... Read more »

Five things you must know before going to a bakery

  A while ago, an item in the “I love…I hate” column in the Chicago Tribune’s Play section caught my eye. A woman “hated” that she drove 45 minutes to a bakery just to find out it was closed. If that woman had read this post, she might have avoided the trip. Here are some important things to know about... Read more »