7 tips for using an immersion blender fearlessly

7 tips for using an immersion blender fearlessly

My handy-dandy immersion blender has helped me to eat healthier and lose weight. Recently, I professed my love for it on Sugar Buzz Chicago.

If you already own an immersion blender or if you ran out and bought one after reading the blog post as my fellow blogger and good friend Bonnie McGrath did, congratulations! Here are some tips for using it.

Tips for using an immersion blender

1. Practice experimenting with your immersion blender before you make a new recipe–especially if you are serving it to guests. Be careful not to over-blend.

2. On the other hand, some immersion blenders don’t have as much power as a regular blender or a food processor. Remember this: The softer and juicier the ingredients, the easier they will be to blend. Large pieces of frozen fruit such as strawberries blend better if you chop them up in a few sections first.

3. If you are making a vegetable-based soup or stew in which you want some variety of texture, leave out a portion of the cut-up vegetables before you blend. Place them back in the pot afterwards.

4. Many immersion blenders come with a blending beaker, perfect for blending smaller amounts—a single smoothie, a cup of raspberry sauce. Pour the liquid in the beaker first unless the recipe says otherwise. If you don’t have a beaker, use a coffee mug.

5. If you make a smoothie, and it’s not quite sweet enough, blend in a cut-up ripe banana.The banana will act an a thickening agent, too.

6. Always read the instruction booklet carefully before you operate your immersion blender.

7. Be creative and have fun with your immersion blender. Otherwise, there’s no sense in buying one!



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