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Pesto Fish: Easiest impressive entree maybe ever

I’m a sucker for quick, easy, impressive recipes that result in lots of oohs! and ahhs! when you serve them. So when I came across a recipe for grilled pesto chicken, I thought: Why not try to convert the chicken recipe into a fish recipe? I used some nice wild cod fillets, but any similar... Read more »

Crispy Kale Chips: How to make them so they're just as healthy as raw kale

I’m warning you right now: If you haven’t been a fan of the ever-so-trendy vegetable kale up ’til now, you probably won’t be enamored of Crispy Kale Chips either. But kale, as you probably know, is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s rich in vitamin A, C and K and may provide significant health benefits, including cancer... Read more »