The latest dessert trend done healthier: Frozen Banana Pops

The latest dessert trend done healthier: Frozen Banana Pops

Cake pops are a hot dessert trend, according to the “Cooking with the Stars” issue of People, out last March.

Michelle Damico,  PR professional, fabulous cook and former WXRT news reporter, tweaked the trend a bit, coming  up with this simple–yet simply delicious, summertime treat: Frozen Banana Lollipops. The pops are the perfect size for kids or anyone watching their waistline.  And they’re pretty healthy, too!

Michelle’s Frozen Banana Lollipops

3 peeled bananas, cut in thick rounds

1 cup high quality semi sweet or dark chocolate or high quality white chocolate, melted

Optional: chopped nuts or other toppings of your choosing such as mini M&Ms or crushed cookie crumbs.

Place banana slices on cookie sheet covered with waxed paper.  Freeze until frozen, about 1-2 hours.  Stick toothpicks (decorative ones if you like) in the frozen banana slices  and dip in melted chocolate. Dip into chopped nuts or other toppings. Return chocolate dipped bananas to cold, waxed covered cookie sheet. You can eat them immediately as the cold tray will harden the chocolate quickly, or you can put then back in freezer to enjoy later.




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