The cake created for last week's Obama fundraiser

Just in case you didn’t shell out the $35,000 to get into the Obama fundraiser last week, here is the show cake, which was placed at the entrance of the affair. The party had an Andy Warhol theme, and, with a nod to Mayor Daley’s birthday (April 24th), a cake was created which featured multiple mugs of the mayor.

The cake, which was not edible, was made by Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park. The 32-inch base was styrofoam, which was iced in buttercream and fondant. The squares were hand-painted.

The bakery had only two days notice to make the cake, and it almost didn’t fit in the door, according to Peter Rios, owner of Alliance.


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  • an inedible cake? what kind of a cake is that? how can you call frosting on styrofoam a cake??? it's a good IDEA for a cake but it's NOT a cake!

  • In reply to bonmcgrath:

    You're right. But I did call it a "show cake" in the story.

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