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Organic: What it means on food labels

I’ve always been a skeptic about products that are labeled organic. So when I came across some info that explained organic labeling in simple terms, I thought I’d pass it on. Here’s the story in an organic nutshell.  There are four ways a product can call out that it has organic ingredients, according to the USDA:  1. 100% organic:... Read more »

Chicago Chocolate Tours: the way to score some awesome-offspring points on Mother's Day

If you really want to score some awesome-offspring points this Mother’s Day, give your mom a ticket to one of the Chicago Chocolate Tours. Depending on the tour, she’ll get to go on a walking tour of a selection of gourmet chocolate shops, bakeries and cafes. She’ll learn interesting facts about chocolate (or cupcakes. There’s a cupcake tour, too.), Chicago, and,... Read more »

Cupcake and wine charity event

The Sugar Cube Bakery is presenting its first ever cupcake and wine tasting, “Sugar, Spice and doing something nice.” All the proceeds will benefit Horizons for Youth, which provides scholarships, mentoring and other support services to children from low income areas of Chicago. Light hors d’oeurves will be served, too. Sugar Buzz Chicago guest blogger, Erin Nederbo,... Read more »

The cake created for last week's Obama fundraiser

Just in case you didn’t shell out the $35,000 to get into the Obama fundraiser last week, here is the show cake, which was placed at the entrance of the affair. The party had an Andy Warhol theme, and, with a nod to Mayor Daley’s birthday (April 24th), a cake was created which featured multiple mugs of the mayor. The cake, which... Read more »

Royal wedding cake: a knitted version

The real royal couple.
File this one under news of the bizzare. According to a story in southern England’s “Daily Echo,” 74-year-old great greatmother Shelia Carter, has created a 3-foot-tall knitted interpretation of what she thinks the royal wedding cake for William and Kate will look like. The 100,000 stitch creation is topped by knitted renditions of the royal couple.

The royal wedding cake: what you want to know

Fiona Cairns, who will create the wedding cake for William and Kate.
According to “The Telegraph,” the official wedding cake for Prince William and Kate Middleton will be created by Fiona Cairns, whose sweet treats are sold in Harrods and Selfridges department stores. Cairns, 56, was contacted by William’s office in February and asked to make the couple’s wedding cake. She has also made cakes for Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd.  The... Read more »

Free Cone Day at Haagen-Dazs

It’s Free Cone Day today at all participating Haagen-Dazs Shops from 4 -8 p.m.. Note the offer is good at the following area locations: 30 W. Jefferson, Naperville O’Hare International Airport Lincolnwood Town Center, 3333 W. Touhy, Lincolnwood 

Tax Break: free Cinnamon Bites at Cinnabon

Get two free Cinnamon Bites at all participating Cinnabon locations. It all takes place tomorrow: Monday, April 18 from 6-8 p.m.

Eat sweets for charity

Buy a ticket to “Sweets, Sounds & Sorbet,” and you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a lot less guilt. That’s because a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Resurrection Project and Lawrence Hall Youth Services. The gathering promises an array of top pastry chefs from renown bakeries. Among the bakeries represented will be: TipsyCake, which is providing mini cupcakes, and... Read more »

Making "Prince of Tides" author's chocolate crepes

Crepe with filling before being rolled up.
I read Pat Conroy’s “Beach Music” a few weeks ago. Food plays a huge role in this book, as it does in all of the Conroy novels that I’ve read.  The author has also written a fabulous cookbook aptly named “The Pat Conroy Cookbook,” which not only contains recipes but essays as delicious as his novels. Conroy’s cooking has a lot in common with... Read more »