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The five best cupcakes in Chicago

The five best cupcakes in Chicago
         An array of cupcake bakeries have sprouted up throughout the city, and traditional neighborhood bakeries are starting to take these mini-cakes much more seriously. Plus, every month, it seems as if a new reality show on cupcakes and their bakers is debuting on some cable television network.     I think the cupcake craze is here to... Read more »

The weirdest wedding cake ever

Cake with bride & groom in front of London phone booth by TipsyCake bakery.
No, it’s not exactly the royal wedding cake.  In fact, at first glance, it looks like the couple who ordered this cake are not headed for wedded bliss. I mean, take a look at the detail: the chain saw and all the blood and the severed heads and limbs. Turns out, the real bride and groom are fans of zombie movies... Read more »

Free Haagen-Dazs frozen dessert!

To promote their new frozen dessert line, Haagen-Dazs shops are giving away the Midnight Dazzler free! To get yours, between now and March 31, go to the Haagen-Dazs Shops Facebook page and sign up to receive a free coupon.The Midnight Dazzler combines Haagen-Dazs Midnight Cookies & Cream ice cream with layers of fudge and cookie pieces. Sounds and looks divine,... Read more »

Search for the perfect cup of hot chocolate, Part II

by Bonnie McGrath, Guest Blogger I had no idea that people felt as passionately this winter as I did about hot chocolate.  But when I guest-blogged a few weeks ago about my quest for the perfect cup, I got quite a bit of feedback.  It turned out my two favorite cups happened to be free:  one... Read more »