Rahm Emanuel reveals his favorite dessert!


FileRahm Emanuel, official.jpg


Taxes? Parking meters? We’ll let other journalists delve into those issues. We wanted to know what Rahm Emanuel’s favorite dessert is, and we have the answer. It’s–drum roll, please–warm pecan pie with vanilla cream, according to a spokesperson for the the Emanuel campaign, who say he doesn’t indulge very often. We believe it! He appears to be in great shape.

But warm pecan pie sure sounds good. We wonder where he gets it. At a specific restaurant? Does a family member make it for him from scratch? Sugar Buzz Chicago will stay on the sugar trail searching  for answers, and when we find them, we’ll bring them to you!

Tomorrow: Carol Moseley Braun’s favorite dessert! Look for the sweet choices of other Chicago mayoral candidates this week on Sugar Buzz Chicago.


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