Bakery offers Anti-Valentine's Day cookies




With Valentine’s Day approaching, just about every bakery, supermarket and drug store in town is hawking heart-shaped sugar cookies with sweet messages written across them such as “Be Mine” and “I love you.” But maybe you’re happily single. Or maybe you’re in a really, really bad relationship. Or maybe you just think that Valentine’s Day is a cheesy holiday. 

Well, Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park may have something that will appeal to you:
Anti-Valentine’s Day cookies. These butter cookies with royal icing have cynically-funny messages on them. Choose from cookies with statements such as :

‘Eat your heart out”

“I love me more”

“I faked it”

“Thanks. Now get out.”

“Stop calling me”

“Careful, I break easy”

“I’m pregnant”

Alliance also makes cookies with loving messages on them, too. But according to Mitchell Peedin, the bakery’s manager, the cookies with the goofy sayings on them are more popular. 

What does this say about our society? That we live in a cynical world, where sarcasm rules? Tell me something new. I say if the cookies are given in a friendly spirit to adults with a sense of humor, these cookies are definitely good for a few laughs. I’m told by at least one bakery employee, indeed, most people are buying the Anti-Valentine’s Day cookies for their friends. However, I think these cookies are not appropriate for children and teens. I can just picture the cookies being used by mean girls and boys to bully other kids. And that would be a shame.

Personally, I don’t care what my cookies say as long as they taste good. And these ones definitely do!   

Anti-Valentine’s Day cookies are $2.95 each.    

Alliance Bakery
1736 W. Division



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