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Have a sweet Superbowl party!

  The Bears won’t be in the Superbowl this year, but chances are, you’re still going to be glued to the game. Whether you’re going to a Superbowl party or just sitting in front of the tube at home,  Superbowl-themed sweets–such as the football-shaped cake above, can definitely add to the fun–and take away the pain from not seeing our team there! ... Read more »

Bakery offers Anti-Valentine's Day cookies

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, just about every bakery, supermarket and drug store in town is hawking heart-shaped sugar cookies with sweet messages written across them such as “Be Mine” and “I love you.” But maybe you’re happily single. Or maybe you’re in a really, really bad relationship. Or maybe you just think that Valentine’s Day is a cheesy... Read more »

Mousse and custard class at Delightful Pastries Bakery

    Most bakeries protect their recipes like CIA operatives hide international secrets. Delightful Pastries, on the other hand, has been sharing some of their luscious recipes in a series of intriguing baking classes. In the next class, you can learn how to make luscious mousses and custards as well as a variety of impressive desserts which can made them. Delightful Pastries5927 W.... Read more »

Make your own Valentine's Day truffles at Delightful Pastries

    Looking to give your sweetheart something a little more personal for Valentine’s Day than store-bought candy? If you’re the Martha Stewart-type–or even if you’re not, you may want to head over to Delightful Pastries on Wells to learn how to make your own chocolate bon bons, chocolate nut and fruit clusters, and truffles. Plus,... Read more »

After the snow stops, don't miss the really big event: "For the Love of Chocolate"

    Get yourself over to what will most likely be the most delicious fete of the year! The French Pastry School and the Merchandise Mart are hosting “For the Love of Chocolate” at the Mart this Saturday, February 5, from 7 p.m.- 11 p.m. Surely, the blizzard will be over by then! The annual gala promises... Read more »

Free cheese tasting in Mount Prospect

    Dave Esau, chef-owner of Dave’s Specialty Foods in Mount Prospect, is offering another one of his free cheese tastings on Thursday February 3, 4:30 p.m.-7 p.m. Dave’s not only a friendly, fun guy, but he’s quite knowledgeable about cheeses. The tastings are fun, party-like affairs. Dave supplies some exquisite cheeses. You bring the wine! Dave’s Specialty... Read more »

Fox & Obel is a cheap place for lunch?

  I’m not the first–and surely won’t be the last–to get on the Fox & Obel bandwagon. But I have to report that even though one doesn’t go to this gourmet grocery store with the expection of  bargains galore, you can have a scrumptious lunch or dinner in the shop’s cafe at a decent price. The biggest bargain... Read more »

Five things you must know before going to a bakery

  A while ago, an item in the “I love…I hate” column in the Chicago Tribune’s Play section caught my eye. A woman “hated” that she drove 45 minutes to a bakery just to find out it was closed. If that woman had read this post, she might have avoided the trip. Here are some important things to know about... Read more »

Sunset Foods grand opening today!

A selection of cheeses.
  Upscale grocer, Sunset Foods, has opened yet another location. Today is the grand opening for the new store in Long Grove at Route 83 and Aptakisic.  In addition to fresh fish, organic produce, local and farmstead cheeses, a wide selection of artisan breads and freshly-made desserts, today, you can sample some excellent food products. I had some Wildfire chopped... Read more »

Cupcake wars heat up in Chicago

  Post by guest blogger, Emily Zuker The country is in a cupcake craze, and Chicago is definitely part of it. Some people do not understand the obsession with cupcakes and are probably wondering what’s so exciting about them? Well, I pose a counter question: what’s not to love? Cupcakes are portable, inexpensive and can... Read more »