The bread is the reason to go to Argo Georgian Bakery



Argo Georgian Bakery is nothing to look at. It’s a sparsh, tiny storefront with a couple of tables–although the unique brick oven in back is interesting to see. 

I was dying to go there to taste their Hachapuris. These flaky puff pastries are filled with a combo of mozzarella, feta and farmer’s cheese. I heard they’re wonderful hot when they’re just out of oven, but when I got to the bakery, they’d been sitting around for awhile. Bottom line: I wasn’t thrilled. 

Still, Argo is worth the trip for their scumptious, round flat bread. This bread is around an inch thick and about 10” in diameter–the size of an average frizbee.  I doubt it has much nutritional benefits; the bread seems to be made with white flour (I say “seems” because the owner does not converse in English all that well.). But the texture: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, make this bread a carbo lover’s treat. Tear off a piece and enjoy it plain or slap on a wad of butter. Or do as I do and use it as a crust for a deep-dish pizza, Georgian-style.

These round breads are only $2.75 each. If this Devon Avenue location is off your beaten path, grab a couple of loaves when you’re there and store them in your freezer.

Argo Georgian Bakery
2812 W. Devon Avenue


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