Angel Food: a heavenly bakery


Mud Pie from Angel Food Bakery.

My good friend Bonnie has been raving about Angel Food Bakery for awhile now so in the name of research I had to check it out.

This Ravenswood sweet spot is cute and cheery–with an array of vintage Easy Bake toys lining the walls of this unpretentious corner shop. Many of the menu offerings are retro-inspired, including the Air Stream, the bakery’s version of a Twinkie.

I must confess Angel Food was one of three bakery stops I made the day I visited. That’s why I only purchased one item, the Mud Pie. All I can tell you is wow! Wow! Wow! This flourless chocolate cake masquerading as a muffin really packs a rich, velvety semi-sweet chocolate punch–just the way I like it. I deliberately nibbled on it ultra slowly because I wanted the divine taste to linger as long as possible.

By the way, you can sit inside Angel Food, where you can savor your treats. There’s a small fenced-in dining area, too. But sadly, that will have to wait awhile.

Angel Food Bakery

1636 W. Montrose 


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  • wow! thanks for trying out one of my favorite places. they have great sandwiches, too. btw, i found out about this place from a good friend who lives in delaware who saw it on one of the food shows. she begged me to try it and give her a report. i will send her this blog post--to show her that her influence runs far and wide!

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