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Cake balls: the new baking trend!

    My friend Joann, sales associate at Toms-Price furniture store in Lincolnshire, turned me on to cake balls. “Cake balls are the new cupcake, ” she declared. Turns out Joann was right. The December 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine called cake balls the ” new baking trend,” with bakeries from New York to Dallas... Read more »

Lusicous sweet breads: from St. Joseph Home for the Elderly

    There’s nothing not to love about homemade sweet breads, except maybe finding the time to time to make them. Sweet breads are not only delicious, but they make thoughtful gifts, too.So why not let the kitchen staff at Saint Joseph’s Home for the Elderly (run by the Little Sisters of the Poor)  in Palatine... Read more »

Free pancakes at IHOP!

**** This is an absolutely awesome deal! Just go to the [IHOP website](, click onto the yellow rectangle on the homepage that says “Join the Revolution!” and then sign up. You’ll receive a free meal for signing up, one on your birthday and another one on your “membership” anniversary. That’s three free meals! Yes, they’ll... Read more »

Christmas desserts: a sweet selection

Cake balls.
  Cinnamon Cream Cake, Corner Bakery   What kind of a spread does a sugar junkie like me offer to Christmas guests?  Variety. The centerpiece was probably the Cinnamon Creme Cake from Corner Bakery. A moist, cinnamon-y good cake that is as pretty wrapped up as it delicious. It doubles as a fabulous hostess gift, too. The rest of the offerings... Read more »

The bread is the reason to go to Argo Georgian Bakery

  Argo Georgian Bakery is nothing to look at. It’s a sparsh, tiny storefront with a couple of tables–although the unique brick oven in back is interesting to see.  I was dying to go there to taste their Hachapuris. These flaky puff pastries are filled with a combo of mozzarella, feta and farmer’s cheese. I heard they’re wonderful hot... Read more »

Free ice cream cone every Saturday (No, it's not an April Fools' Day joke)

    Yes, it’s still cold outside, but here’s a hot deal you don’t want to miss at Photo’s Hot Dogs in Palatine.    Every Saturday, you can get vanilla or chocolate soft-serve ice cream either in a cup or a cone absolutely free. Amazingly, you don’t even have to buy anything. The rest of the week, they’ll... Read more »

Angel Food: a heavenly bakery

More Angel Food Goodies.
Mud Pie from Angel Food Bakery. My good friend Bonnie has been raving about Angel Food Bakery for awhile now so in the name of research I had to check it out. This Ravenswood sweet spot is cute and cheery–with an array of vintage Easy Bake toys lining the walls of this unpretentious corner shop. Many of the... Read more »

Cream Puff Tree: easy, wow 'em holiday dessert

Cream Puff Tree
                                                                Cream Puff Tree Are you starting to freak out because you’re supposed to bring a dessert to a holiday gathering, and you’re drawing a blank? Pastry chef Rose Deneen, who teaches culinary classes at Harper College and has done stints in the kitchens of Shaw’s Crab House and Magnum Steak House, appeared at the... Read more »

Avocado ice cream?

Avocado ice cream at Tanzitaro Let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to ice cream, there’s nothing wrong with vanilla. Or for that matter, chocolate or strawberry. But recently, I finished off an excellent meal with Avocado ice cream. It was at Tanzitaro, a pleasant Mexican cafe in Norwood Park. If you’re thinking, “Yuck! Guacamole for dessert,” you’d... Read more »