My City Four Ways Essence & Ford Event (Recap)

My City Four Ways Essence & Ford Event (Recap)

Chicago is known for the power of its neighborhood’s ability to produce, promote and cultivate the presence of community culture. Ford recently teamed up with Essence magazine to showcase the fundamental elements of city pride on the southwest side of Chicago during its “My City Four Ways” tour. The event highlighted local influencers that represented fashion, food, music and the arts at the Geraghty. The event was hosted by the Legendary M.C. Lyte and chain breaking “Yes Girl” Queen to the relationship advice world, Charli Pen.


As I surveyed the room it was clear to me that the community came out to eat creations by Chef Lamar Moore and see the celebrity style architect Law Roach in real life. Other special guests were Jennifer Akese-Burney, Dj Gemini Jones, Bianca Xunise, Daryn Alexus and the wildly underrated BJ the Chicago Kid.  The atmosphere was welcoming. We were immediately encouraged to test drive the new Ford lineup and sample the various food dishes being strategically distributed to the crowd.


To be honest, a party ain’t a party until the food and music get going. I was overly impressed by Chef Lamar Moores ability to take American finger food and add an element of mystique and class. You no longer had meatballs,  you had an adventurous moment traveling through spices and herbs which happen to look like a meatball. The menu read like the perfect whispering of tasty morsels for a hungry girl such as myself. 


Smoked Chicken Wings (gluten free) Ranch n Bleu Cheese with Celery & Carrots (includes dairy & gluten)

Mini Beef Sliders (includes gluten) Brioche Bun & Pimento Cheese Pickles (includes diary)

Chicharones (pork, gluten free & diary free)

BBQ Spiced Lime Zest Mexican Style Corn (vegetarian, includes dairy & gluten free)

Biscuit & Chicken Sliders with Chipotle Mayo (includes diary & gluten)

Mini ‘Impossible’ Empanadas with Salsa Verde (vegetarian & dairy free)

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Blue Cheese Drizzle & Bagel Crostini (includes dairy & gluten)

Creme Brûlée Banana Bread Puddin’ (includes diary & gluten)

Southern Chess Pie (includes diary & gluten


Yall come get me off of this here floor. I was happy and full! I had to take a seat on the stage and just watch everyone else eat with pure envy as I just couldn’t fit any more food in my overtly round belly! See evidence below:


Jessica LaShawn Chef Lamar Moore Essence Ford My City Four Ways Tour Black woman full of food


The event was a precursor to the upcoming Essence fest which aims to galvanize women worldwide under the mindset of sisterhood, empowerment, and activism. People were encouraged to take part in a contest to win all access tickets and be featured as a community allstar by Essence. Overall this event was a great way to network, learn and build with like-minded people. I enjoyed myself and the food. Did I mention how good the food was?

Learn More About Essence events and the all-new Ford Lineup by visiting and or just google “My City Four Ways”.


If you love food like I do be sure to check out Chef Lamar at or follow him on Instagram for global pop-ups



Photos By students
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