Google Forgot About Juneteenth

Google Forgot About Juneteenth

Google dropped the ball this year by not creating a doodle celebrating Juneteenth. If you’re not familiar with this unofficial holiday in some states, it highlights the day the slaves of America were “freed”. Many view the date as the black 4th of July. Here are 3 things big corporations and “We. The People” can take away from this culturally lacking digital mishap.


3. Representation Matters

The catchphrase of the season today centers around diversity and inclusion. Ensuring that organizations hire culturally proportioned personnel to aid in the development of multiple audiences.

Jessica LaShawn Google Forgot About Juneteenth

2. Awareness Matters

A lack of cultural education may also be the cause for google overlooking the significance of Juneteenth. You don’t know what you don’t know, right. Therefore, it’s necessary that cultures ensure they aim to raise awareness about key fundamental holidays within the paradigm of their existence.

Jessica LaShawn Google Forgot About Juneteenth

1 Examples Matters

Lastly, Google may not have curated a Juneteenth doodle due to a lack of entries submitted to the internet giant for the day. Google allows artists to submit their works of art for certain days on a rolling basis. If no one creates anything, Google may not have seen it as a viable day to raise awareness for.

Jessica LaShawn Google Forgot About Juneteenth Davian Chester Doodle

Thankfully, Davian Chester known as @Real_Toons on Instagram went viral after creating what the day represents to him. His post received over 200 thousand impressions before the afternoon. This alone shows that the day has value to and for many. Overall, history is forgotten if the lesson and the story stop being told. Let our story continue to live.

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